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Why risk embarrassing yourself by handing in  a poorly written essay or term paper?

It doesn't matter if English isn't your first language.  It doesn't matter if you struggled to pass your English classes.  It doesn't even matter if you have always received low grades on your essays and term papers in the past.

Why don't any of these things matter?

They don't matter because now you can easily get higher marks on your psychology essays and term papers by using the services of Psychology Essay Writer.

Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are only a small part of getting good grades on your  psychology essays, term papers and reports.  Your professors and the  people marking your work expect your writing to flow smoothly and to make sense.  If the person marking  your paper can't understand what you're trying to say, they won't be able to give you the mark you deserve.

The Basics

Remember, you put a great deal of time and effort into your university or college studies.  Why take the chance of receiving a low grade just because of weak writing skills?  The fact is that most people are not good writers and that isn't anything to be ashamed of. 

You know that you can really use some help expressing your ideas. You also know that you want to be graded based on your research and hard work, not on your writing skills. Get the grade you deserve!

You are already under a great deal of   pressure to submit a high quality paper. You may think you can ask a friend or fellow student to write your paper for you.  But chances are that they are rushing to get their own work done.  Or maybe they aren't that good  at writing either and won't be able to help you anyway.

The Formula That Few People Know

You probably don't know this but  there's a secret formula to high    quality essay writing that gets the    high grades.  It's a secret structure   that you will find in every well written essay.  It's been well tested by successful university students for many years.

The funny thing about a well written essay that gets a high grade is that it looks so simple.

I remember when I was in first year    university and I had to write my first psychology term paper.  I looked over essays written by other students in previous years and thought "If I can't write like this, there's something wrong with me."  Soon  after, I sat down to write my very first term paper...


It wasn't that easy.  Not because the writing itself was hard...but because a great essay  has an invisible structure that supports it. A secret structure that holds it up and makes it work.

The Secret

If you look at a dish prepared by a master chef, most of the techniques they use will be fairly simple.  You could learn them by reading a good cook book.  So, why is it that when the average person tries to cook the same dish, the result is so crude?

It's because the master chef knows hundreds of little secrets about how to put things together - how to make everything come together as part of the whole.  That's the invisible structure that holds together a great dish...or a great essay.

This hidden structure is what really makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill psychology essay and a masterful one.  This structure is the way you lead the reader through the psychology essay and build their interest. And this leads to the high grades.

I've seen some very bright students stare at a blank computer screen or piece of paper for hours trying to think of what to actually say and how to begin. Or you yourself may have had  the experience of being busy at your computer writing one long-winded  point after long-winded point. Every    so often, you stop and read what  you've written.  But, you know it  sounds uninteresting.  And so will the person marking it! 

What Are You Doing Wrong?

You don't know the secret structure, you don't know how to put it together so that it flows and the reader can't put it down.

So What's The Solution?

Well I've got some exciting news for you.  I will write your complete psychology essay or term paper based on your topic of choice and your research. I will write a paper that will   get you higher marks than if you did it yourself. It's easier than paddling  downstream.

My Services

You must send me detailed information about your topic including the number of pages required.  This information must include all of your research as well as specifics about how you want your essay presented.


For example, are you supporting the subject or do you disagree with it.  I will then complete your essay following APA guidelines (at 300 words per page).  We may have to discuss your essay while I'm writing  it so we may have to email one another or talk by phone.  Your finished essay must meet your requirements.  If it doesn't, return  it for required changes or   corrections which I will do free of charge.

You will notice that my prices are lower than many other similar services that charge $50.00 to $150.00 or more per page.  These companies have to pay their writers about 30% of this fee to write a paper.  The rest of the fee goes to cover their overhead and for their profit. 

My fees are much lower because I   do all of the work myself from a  home office.  Therefore, I have very low overhead and no staff to pay. Also, I specialize in psychology essays and only work with students enrolled in North American  universities or colleges.

You may have also seen other companies offering essays for as little as $9.00 per page.  Remember that you get what you pay for. These essays have either been purchased from students and won't pass Copyscape or they are written by poorly qualified people with weak English writing skills.  You end up receiving a failing grade if it doesn't pass Copyscape or a low grade if it's poorly written.  Either way, you lose your money and you look very bad to your professors.  This can have a negative impact on your future academic life and - more importantly - your future career.  Why take the chance?

You can get a high quality psychology essay at a reasonable price from Psychology Essay Writer that is guaranteed to be original work that passes Copyscape and is guaranteed to be good quality and get you higher marks than you would if you wrote it yourself.  The choice is yours.

How to Order

Click the contact button above and send me your contact information, psychology topic of choice, detailed information on what you want in the paper, the number of pages required and the due date (see cost below).    Please note that the price includes  free reference page(s).  I will review your request and contact you        with the fee for writing your essay. At this point, you can send me all of your research notes and your outline. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the service or to discuss your topic, please send me an email.  Please note that there is a three (3) page minimum for essays and reports.


Pay the amount in full for the number of pages you require in your essay through the PayPal Form on this site. When I have been notified by PayPal that the payment has been received, I will begin your essay. Your completed essay will be emailed to you as a Word Document on the date that you specify.

Option: pay a 10% deposit through PayPal and once I have been notified by PayPal that the payment has been received, I will begin your essay.  Upon completion, I will send you    the first two pages for review. I will also send you a notice for payment of the balance through PayPal.  Once your payment has been received,  your completed essay will be emailed to you as a Word Document on the date specified. 

No other essay writer that I am aware of offers the option of making a deposit.

Please note that I only research and write psychology essays and term papers at the university or college level.  I don't work on any other subjects.


All prices are for 300 words per page.

$36 per page for completion in 48 hours*

$26 per page for completion in 4 days*

$21 per page for completion in 7 days*

                  BEST DEAL

$18 per page for completion in 14 days*


*from the time payment is received through PayPal

Six ways I will help you get higher grades on your psychology essay

  • I am very experienced with the APA writing guidlines
  • I understand what the people marking your papers are looking for
  • My writing flows smoothly and logically
  • I guarantee no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors and I write in Canadian English
  • I do all of the writing

"I wish I'd had this service when I was in  first year university!"


About US

My name is David Murray and I have a degree in Psychology.  I have been writing and working as a counsellor for 11 years.  Currently, I write full time and do academic consulting work for university students.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.  I look foreward to completing your essay! 




  • guaranteed 100% original content that will pass Copyscape
  • guaranteed on time delivery as a Word Document emailed to you
  • guaranteed professionally written paper
  • my guarantee that if it doesn't meet your requirements, I will make any necessary corrections at no additional cost